The UK Job Offer visa allows skilled workers to enter the UK for a long period of time and receive permanent residency, this visa can cover a wide range of skills including IT, accounting, education and healthcare. Your job must be on the new list of skilled workers. By providing a new list of jobs required by employers in the UK, we can provide you with this precious opportunity to apply for a job offer by submitting your standard English resume, to receive a complete list of employers in various categories. Click on the link below.

To view UK approved employers for sponsorship and Job Offer


Job offer

Laws related to the recruitment of skilled labor in the UK

  • Overview
  • Your job
  • When you can be paid less
  • If you work in healthcare or education
  • Knowledge of English
  • How much it costs
  • Documents you'll need to apply
  • Apply from outside the UK
  • Your partner and children
  • Extend your visa
  • Update your visa if you change job or employer
  • Switch to this visa
  • Taking on additional work