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In the name of God

Text of the agreement (rules and regulations) Definitions, rules of use of site services and privacy


Customer or job:

A customer or user is a person who uses the services of this system with the information he / she has entered in the registration forms.


This system offers its utmost care and effort in line with all services and services related to the introduction of UK employers, with the aim of creating security and tranquility for skilled workers who intend to migrate to work, and hopes to focus on this segment of society. From the human resources as well as the builder of the family and the family, which is the smallest social unit of society, to lead society towards prosperity and excellence. The program of this system includes some of the most important requirements of the applicants, which are as follows:

Eligibility of applicants to assist in deciding on the best UK work visa

Insufficient information of applicants in choosing the best way to obtain a visa is one of the constant concerns of applicants and due to the lack of comprehensive information on UK immigration laws in Persian and differences in applicants' specifications, this system helps with careful examination of applicants according to the latest UK Immigration Standards. Has decided on the best way to obtain a work visa and has sent all the details of the appropriate visa to each applicant and then, if necessary, continues by introducing the best immigration lawyer based on the applicant's situation.

Record applicant information and provide a list of UK approved employers by updating every three hours and introducing the employer to him

Due to the nature of the job offer visa, applicants intending to immigrate with a work visa can apply for this visa by receiving a letter of introduction from a UK employer and submitting it to the UK Immigration Office or a contract with an immigration lawyer. Therefore, this system introduces a list of the best employers approved by the UK government by designing and producing powerful and exclusive software designed for this purpose by visiting the UK job search databases and focusing on finding recruitment job advertisements with the applicant's profile. And make it available.

Accurate calculation of salary based on age, specialty, work experience and city requested in the UK

Immigration is one of the decisions that requires special and basic research. The main objectives of this research are to choose the destination country, type of job, city of residence and work, climate, culture, economy and other important parameters. One of the biggest concerns of immigration is the cost of living and income, which must be carefully and logically investigated. This system solves this problem with the item of calculation of salaries and benefits based on the labor laws of the United Kingdom government, and this service is reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on the information provided by the applicant, and items such as salaries and benefits, bonuses, mission fees, coverage Insurance, taxes, etc. are calculated and announced to the applicant based on the type of job, specialty, work experience and the desired city. In this service, salaries and benefits are calculated for the three cities proposed by the applicant, and after a few days, he will be informed by email.


Users can benefit from the content and services of the system after accepting the rules related to the site and using its services.

Terms and Conditions:

General rules:

User activity in any form, including the following, is not permitted on the Website:

Contrary to the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and contrary to the custom of society.

Violation of the privacy of individuals and legal entities and insulting in any way the official religions of the country, customs, ethnicities, dialects and different dialects.

Incorrect spelling and wording.

Pyramid networks and illegal and unauthorized economic activities and network marketing and the like.

This system does not guarantee that the data downloaded from this site is free of viruses or malicious data.

Terms of service:

Only natural persons have the right to join this system.

The user must keep their password and username and the user is responsible for registering incorrect or incorrect.

Content Rules:

Any use of the content is possible only with the permission of this system, and if the content is allowed to be provided, its source must be mentioned, and it has no responsibility for the accuracy and subject matter of any content created and shared by users, and of all content. Which it has received from the user and has at its disposal, uses it only in order to offer better offers and services to the user. Discovery, implementation, reverse engineering or any other action to extract any type of code, idea or algorithm from any part of this system is prohibited and is prosecuted and the user is responsible for how to access and use the content.

Content viewing and usage rules:

Disclosure or dissemination of information of other users or use of their information for religious, commercial, cultural, political and social purposes, etc.

Using images of people in business as a tool, inserting photos of people's faces unnecessarily, or using photos of children.

Registration of any advertisement and news distribution mGolden, political, social and cultural that has no commercial aspect.

Refund rules:

Due to restrictions due to the rules or conditions of the site, if the user cancels his purchase after purchasing the service, the payment will not be refunded in any way.

Rules for posting comments in the user comments section:

Write comments in Persian.

Select appropriate titles.

Commenting on the disadvantages and advantages of businesses, videos, etc. is not prohibited, but exaggeration and magnification are against the rules and regulations.

Avoid writing unnecessary content as much as possible.

Ask your questions and requests in the Contact Us section.

Users who submit comments are required to use respectful literature and to refrain from insulting others.

Due to the responsibility of the site for the links contained in it, we should not register links to other sites in our comments and as far as possible do not place any links, emails or social network usernames in the comments section. .

Only comments that are relevant to the service in question will be approved; Therefore, do not raise miscellaneous and non-service related issues.

Users can comment on any section in the relevant section; Therefore, do not write any reviews about the site or its services in the comments section.

Do not post issues that you are unsure about, including rumors or other information about the content of the site.

It is better to post content in the comments section that is useful for visitors; Therefore, refrain from expressing any personal and unnecessary content, as well as sentences that use colloquial literature.

Laws of coercion:

None of the parties to this agreement shall be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations due to the achievement of conditions beyond its reasonable control. These include, but are not limited to: fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents, Internet outages, power outages, power outages, and sudden and unpredictable events.


Privacy Policy:

By registering their information on the website, users allow the publication of their information without restriction to the site (which is the only holder of the collected information) and information such as email and name of the importer and the like is considered confidential and exposed The sale, lease, subscription or any use not related to the activity of the company will be placed, but if this information is recorded outside the specified place, including descriptions and comments, it will not be confidential. The personal and financial information of the user on the site is considered confidential and will not be provided to the individual or organization except by law or order of a competent judicial authority. The owner of the information is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account information. He is solely responsible for anything that happens as a result of the negligence or negligence of the information owner. The site installs certain cookies on your computer to analyze users' use of this website, which do not include your personal information such as your name, email address, mailing address or phone number, and the most important use of these cookies is analysis. Users will behave appropriately to display ads. You can set your browser settings to not accept cookies, but this will limit your use of the site.

If you want to get more information about cookies, you can refer to the following link: Sending personal information, whether in person, over the phone or over the Internet, is always at risk of disclosure and no system is completely secure. Therefore, the site will not be responsible for technology security deficiencies. However, the site makes every effort to minimize and, if possible, prevent unauthorized access and improper use of the information contained therein.

Intellectual property rights:

All contents of the website such as texts, graphics, images, trademarks, logo, sound, image, site template, scripts and names of services that can be provided, etc. belong to this system and also none of the contents of the site can be reproduced. It is not copied, sold or misused for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Any use without obtaining written permission reserves the right to prosecute the company.